Vlog #10: An Individual Constitution

Wherein I respond to an op-ed by Rep. David Segal (D, Providence) suggesting that the grassroots tea party movement that so opposes the current establishment in Rhode Island would have naturally been inclined to support the old establishment back in the 1800s:

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14 years ago

Spot on analysis, Justin. Thanks for taking the time to so eloquently present the argument against David’s misguided piece. It never ceases to amaze me how folks who have never had any communications whatsoever with the RI Tea Party are so darn sure of who and what it represents.
The liberal establishment no longer represents We the People, the middle class fighting for it’s survival against the Machine. Our cohesiveness is born of a core belief in our inalienable God-given rights referenced to by our founding fathers. Not by Union bosses extorting dues for their membership in order to maintain their positions of power, nor of a need to throw crumbs to the downtrodden in a malevolent attempt to keep the poor in their rightful place; dependent, entitled victims, ever voting for the people who promise more of the crumbs that the Powers-that-be deign to bestow upon them in their self congratulatory “benevolence”.

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