Five Years

I believe it has gone unmentioned so far, so I’ll do it: November 7th marked Anchor Rising’s 5 Year anniversary. I’m not sure what the average blog shelf-life is out there, but I suspect (and based on my own experience!) that we’ve surpassed it easily. That is partly due to our own doggedness (and the plethora of local source material) to be sure, but it would have been much harder if we had found ourselves opining to no one. So, thanks readers, whether agreeing or disagreeing, for keeping the Anchor Rising.

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11 years ago

Congratulations! Marc, Justin, Andrew, Monique, Don and “Engaged Citizen(s)”.
Great work by all of you. Keep it up!

11 years ago

I’d still like to buy the Projo and put you guys in charge of news and editorial.
You only have to promise me that you won’t obstruct my second managerial action: to fire Frobama Harrop.

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