Rhode Island’s Unemployment Picture: Ahead of Lowly Michigan in One Way but Behind in Another

The good news is that with the highest unemployment rate in the country, Michigan still beats out Number Three Rhode Island. The bad news is that they also beat us on a positive front.
Paragraph four of the possibly over-optimistic ProJo article that Justin highlighted has Rhode Island’s status in this area.

And the state continues to bleed jobs, losing 1,100 more in October, a separate survey of employers shows

And ABC News notes the Michigan element that the Ocean State lacks.

It wasn’t all bad news for state, however: Michigan was one of six states, according to the government, to see significant job gains between September and October. With 38,600 new jobs, Michigan came second only to Texas in payroll increases.

So while their overall unemployment rate is higher, Michigan gained new jobs while we lost.
It is to be hoped that current members of the General Assembly have the fortitude to undertake the structural changes that decades of preceding G.A.’s have cravenly dodged. In the absence of a reformation of the business and regulatory climate, Rhode Island will continue to lag behind other states with unenviable economies in certain indicator areas as evidenced by an ongoing shedding of businesses, jobs and (Ground Control to Major Tom) the corresponding tax revenue.

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12 years ago

“With 38,600 new jobs”
Usually the statement with that is “new or saved” jobs. I wonder if that is also the case in Michigan, that they’re counting jobs saved. And isn’t that exactly what the auto industry bailout money was supposed to do? If a GM or Chrysler was claiming they were going to close their doors, but then the bailout money came and they stayed open, can’t you then claim that every single job at that plant (other than the guy who nails up plywood) was saved?
If the jobs were truly created, well I got nothin’ on that one. I wouldn’t think that the auto industry would be growing right now, unless those are all people who are processing the “Cash for Clunkers” paperwork or something.
Along the same lines, SNL was pretty funny as Chinese President Jintao mentions the $-4-Clunkers program: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/clips/china-cold-open/1178451/

12 years ago

“It is to be hoped that current members of the General Assembly have the fortitude to undertake the structural changes that decades of preceding G.A.’s have cravenly dodged.”
HA! You know as well as anyone that the bunch of corruptocrats, morons and Teletubbies in the General Assembly have no fortitude at all. Half of them couldn’t spell fortitude.
Fortunately we can replace them all in November 2010. At least eliminate the Democrat majority in both houses. That is Rhode Island’s only hope. Four more years of ignoramuses, special-interest marionettes and cowards in Providence, combined with the America-hating, extreme Leftists in Washington, will lead to the destruction of our society. And there isn’t enough ammo.

Ragin' Rhode Islander
Ragin' Rhode Islander
12 years ago

Hoping the that General Assembly will get the fortitude to do what’s necessary to turn RI around is akin to hoping that Barney Frank will become heterosexual.
In both cases, it’s against their very nature.
The GA is composed of people of modest (at best) abilities who correctly saw in the Democrat political machine their best chance at “success” in RI.
For the rank and file, by being obedient foot soldiers (rubber stamps) for the leadership, they avoid primary challenges by unions and with time rise up the ranks until they get their reward — a committee chair position that attracts new “clients” to their outside business or practice, or a judge / magistrate position — whatever they’ve been aspiring to cash in.
As for the leadership, same dynamic, except they need to be good soldiers for their union and poverty industry patrons.
Even if this group could muster the vision to recognize what RI needs to achieve prosperity (common knowledge amongst AR authors and readership), and it is doubtful that they have the intellectual firepower even for this, they would not find it within themselves to perform at variance with their entire political training and experience, and sacrifice for the good of RI. These Democrats got into politics to feather their own nests, not for “public service.” That ain’t gonna change.

12 years ago

The Dems certainly are ripe for the taking, and have been for a long time. The GOP might do it someday, provided it can get past its internal bickering (why does it seem that every potentially attractive GOP candidate gets branded a RINO?).
Those who want to take down the Dem majority, when pondering why it hasn’t happened, need to look in the mirror.

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