Ordering: A Case of Ginkgo Biloba for the Junior Senator from Rhode Island, Please

The term “Bushitler” and assorted variations were a staple of the two terms of the forty third President of the United States. (Possibly the fact that he had the temerity to win a second term fueled its usage.)
Yet in a recording at an unidentified venue, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse purports not to have seen or heard any of this. [Thanks to Will Ricci over at Ocean State Republican for the e-mail tip.]

For example, the president portrayed with a Hitler moustache. I don’t recall for eight years President Bush ever being portrayed with a Hitler mustache. Poor President Obama comes in and within his first months, people are running around America, portraying him with a Hitler mustache, because we want to reform health care.

You scoff and possibly snort in disbelief. Ah, not so quickly. Such a statement gains considerable credibility when we remember that they never were able to repair the media feed from Earth to Planet Voomax, which is clearly where Senator Whitehouse spent the eight years of the Bush presidency.
There, now. Don’t you feel a little silly for doubting?

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13 years ago

Yes, but Voomax is in Rhode Island’s 53rd Congressional District, so its residents are legally eligible for a Senate run.

13 years ago

I really don’t know if Sheldon Whitehouse is ignorant, a liar, or just plain stupid. As far as I’m concerned, any of those three options are not suitable for a sitting senator.
I find it difficult to believe that, outside of living in a bubble or a cave, that anyone could have made such a foolish statement, and have actually meant it.
The main reason why he can make statements like that (it’s not the first time), is that the “mainstream” local media simply doesn’t call him (or any of our other elected officials) out on it. For some reason, I don’t think this example of him being grossly out of touch with reality is going to make the Projo, or Ch’s 6, 10, or 12 anytime soon. However, thankfully, it did make it to a number of nationally known blogs. It sounds like it was from a radio interview. I’m trying to get some more information.

13 years ago

“I really don’t know if Sheldon Whitehouse is ignorant, a liar, or just plain stupid.”
Congrats Will you just hit a trifecta.
Sheldon Whitehouse is not Senatorial material and his presence in that once highly respected body reflects its’ declining stature. Once filled with many highly respected statesmen and stateswomen, today’s US Senate produces the likes of Shelly Whitehouse and Al Franken. lol
Mommy and Daddy’s money has never afforded Sheldon the ability to buy himself class and integrity.
Meet Sheldon Whitehouse – low rent, low class and a nice wardrobe.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

I once saw him in jeans.Ironed and clean,no less.We used to call guys ike him schmucks on roller skates.
Sheldon is indeed ignorant and a liar.He may have a high IQ,but he is nevertheless stupid in the sense of being a feckless waste of humanity.He would buy a turd in a hot dog roll and declare it a delicacy.(What the heck,people like him generally have wine with cheese that smells like a backed up toilet in the summer).

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