RE: Supplemental Budget Fallout

It seems to me that those city leaders whining about the Governor’s proposed cuts (PDF) would be better served attempting genuine contract reform instead of nibbling at the edges, as they have up to this point. In short, isn’t it about time we get rid of the contract step scheme? Set the entry level salary at what it is now and put 3% raises into effect for all people (not job positions) going forward. That allows you to remove contract steps and future contract negotiations would be simplified. But that’s way too simple (if not “easy”).
Meanwhile, Senate President Paiva-Weed is disappointed with the Governor’s plan, saying he “took the easy way out” by calling for cuts, which demonstrated a lack of leadership. Do mean like that exhibited by the General Assembly over the last few months? Like, say, stating that you “cannot rule out” tax cuts? The last thing this General Assembly can claim is that they’ve provided any sort of leadership.

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12 years ago

Want to make the contracts even simpler than Marc suggests? Just negotiate one lump sum with the union. Treat them like a subcontractor. Give them the $X million to pay the employees their compensation and let the union worry about who gets what. The town signs one check and is done with it. Very simple.

12 years ago

Dan Yorke was on fire and hilariously so in calling out these whining municipal babies. Absolutely hilarious radio. Hope you all heard it. My favorite is The Bucket’s Mayor Jim Doyle who called the Gov a “grinch” in a press release this afternoon. lol Dan commented how the The Bucket’s Mayor Doyle must have pulled himself away from Twin River for a few minutes to get that presser out.
OUCH!!!!!!!! lol
I am loving this because all these bush league frauds have nowhere left to hide. The spotlight is now on them, their management of their city/town budgets, the contracts they’ve negotiated over the years et al.
The state is broke. The nation is broke.
And the really frightening part?? We haven’t even begun to experience the hyper-inflation that’s coming our way via the disaster also known as Obamaprinting&dumpingphonymoneyintotheeconomygate.
You think this ecomony is bad now?? What a couple of years when people are paying $10 for a loaf of bread because our money is so devalued.

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