What Government Healthcare Really Means

Well, this about sums it up:

Far from being a brilliant plan constructed by top doctors and financial experts in a government brain trust, this health-care bill is a twisted, deformed political document, seen in its entirety by only a few high-ranking politicians belonging to a single political party. Its components have not been precisely crafted as part of a fantastic system calibrated to ensure the maximum access to quality health care for all Americans.
The bill is not being examined with transparency and careful deliberation by representatives who behave as humble servants of the people and their Constitution. Instead, it’s being hastily rammed through in the dead of night, over the objection of powerful majorities of the American people, with desperate last-minute deals cut to acquire the necessary votes, financed by vast sums of taxpayer money. The primary consideration is not crafting the most sophisticated and intelligent health care reform… it’s getting a bill pushed through before angry voters have a chance to blast the Democrats out of Congress. Look at it this way: if the average middle-class American paid about $5000 in federal income tax last year, then you might be one of the 20,000 people who paid for Mary Landrieu’s vote, in the hope of giving Barack Obama a bill to sign as a Christmas present.

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13 years ago

Just for starters:
1. How can you call its passage hasty when the bill was presented several months ago and argued openly in House and Senate?
2. How can you call it “twisted and deformed” then declare that it has been “seen in its entirety by only a few high-ranking politicians belonging to a single political party” when you neither belong to the party nor are a high-ranking politician.

Sol Venturi
Sol Venturi
13 years ago

Have you read the bill?
Ask yourself why you take the position you do. You are defending a document that you haven’t read, digested, and formulated a real opinion about. You are marching in lock step behind your chosen leaders.
Is this not true?

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