Promotions and the Like

Because I’ve gotten tripped up by this a couple of times myself recently, we’re all getting a quick refresher course.
Following are ways to promote your business, your ideas, your candidacy, your event on the “premier conservative webblog in the state of Rhode Island”. (Hey, I’m just quoting someone else.)
Sidebar Ad

$30 per week | $55 for two weeks | $100 for a month | $280 for three months.

A Community Crier Post
Good for:

– Event announcements
– Regular newsletters/roundups
– Press releases
– Advertisements
– Advocacy
– Any other content that would benefit from thousands of page views per day


$50 for 1 post = $50 | $45 per for 7 posts = $315 | $40 per for 14 posts = $560 | $35 per for 30 posts = $1,050 | $20 per for 90 posts = $1,800 | $15 per for 182 posts = $2,730 |
$10 per for 365 posts = $3,650
More info here.

Last but definitely not least, if you simply enjoy Anchor Rising, consider a subscription. (This also makes an appropriate gift, Christmas and year ’round, for that political junkie who otherwise seems to have everything.) This accrues no premium other than the knowledge that you are supporting a “premier conservative webblog” with our gratitude; on the bright side, you will have done your bit to save the planet as no trees have to be felled for an A.R. subscription.

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