A Way to Affect National Politics Quickly

Turning his Tennessean eyes to our neighbor to the north, Glenn Reynolds offers a useful suggestion:

MASSACHUSETTS SENATE RACE HEATS UP: Rasmussen Shows Brown Within 9 Percent. This is huge given that it’s Massachusetts, and a [Scott Brown (R)] win would probably kill healthcare. I don’t know how his online fundraising is going, but so far he hasn’t gotten much (er, any?) help from the national Republican party. I imagine that will change, if only because people like William Jacobson are asking: “Will the national GOP, which has ignored Brown, get involved now? I’m not sure I care anymore.” Whatever else they do, they can’t afford to look irrelevant.

Part-time RI resident William Jacobson has updated the first-linked post to note that Brown is within 2% with “definite voters” and leads by a whopping 44% among independents. Republican or otherwise, those who oppose the Democrats’ version of “healthcare reform” and the overall direction in which our government is headed should consider the shockwaves that a Brown victory would send through the national political landscape.

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