Chafee’s Self-Illustration on Matt Allen

Gubernatorial candidate Linc Chafee is on Matt Allen’s show until 7:00 tonight (after which I’ll be calling in for our weekly appearance), and it’s comforting to know that everything you suspect about him is accurate.
Right at the beginning, Mr. Chafee emphasized cooperating with the General Assembly as something of primary importance and shortly thereafter insisted that, if he had his way, his new sales tax would be temporary. How perfect an illustration of Chafee’s inability to address the world as it exists. Subsequently, Matt asked Chafee whether he can understand the plight of the average resident, and his answer was that, of course he could… he often had to raise property taxes on them when he sat on the Warwick city council.
Tune in.
Matt just asked about whether the unions will have to give more concessions. Seeming to ignore the public/private sector distinction, Chafee said — unbelievably — “Everybody’s in the same boat, here.”

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12 years ago

Matt: “Will you look to cut from municipal departments?”
Linc: “Yes”
Matt: “Which ones?”
Linc: “It is really important to have good morale.”
Umm, yeah, back to the morale thing. Why is it important to have good morale among a couple hundred employees while at the same time 1 MILLION Rhode Islanders are very angry and want the problems fixed!?!
I think that hour with Matt was very candid, painted a very clear picture of Chafee and I think he was very true to the type of politician he is and the type of Governor he would be. In other words, I think he did more damage to his campaign than I previously thought possible in just one short hour. It was great to hear. Based on that hour and Chafee’s answers, I can’t see him making it all the way to November as an active candidate.

12 years ago

He won’t make it to November simply because he’ll have no money. Clearly he’s not getting any (money) from Stephanie. She didn’t even go to his announcement.
Yeah, she was horseback riding on New Years eve in the blizzard. Right.

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