Winning in Race by Making Policies Primary

Watching the tears of joy streaming down the faces of black attendees at the Rhode Island Democrats’ election-night gathering in Providence, in 2008, knowing candidate Obama’s centrist rhetoric to be completely contrary to his life history and political record, and believing that his likely policies would be an unmitigated disaster, I worried what effect it might have on race relations were the Obama administration to be as catastrophically inept as I’d have predicted. To be sure, my view is that racial strife has been effectively over for decades, kept alive mainly by those who profit from the grievance industry. That doesn’t mean racism does not exist, though, and the hype surrounding candidate Obama made the crashing of expectations a frightening position.
Thomas Sowell suggests that Republicans should begin the long, slow process of pulling the black community away from the self-identity link that they have with the Democrat Party by creating bonds through actual policies:

There is no point today in Republicans’ continuing to try to win over the average black voter by acting like imitation Democrats. Those who like what the Democrats are doing are going to vote for real Democrats.
But not all black voters are the same, any more than all white voters are the same. Those black voters that Republicans have any realistic chance of winning over are people who share similar values and concerns. …
Blacks have been lied to so much that straight talk can gain their respect, even if they don’t agree with everything you say. Republicans need all the credibility they can get. When they try to be imitation Democrats, all they do is forfeit credibility.

Sowell covers specific policies too broadly to allow brief quotes, so read the whole thing.

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11 years ago

“Obama’s centrist rhetoric” ?
Could you post some links please?
I only remember his liberal rhetoric during the campaign.
Folks were warned, on a daily basis that Barry was “the most liberal member of the Senate” by both sides of the MSM
before the election
We knew what we were voting for, or against

Dick Tuck
Dick Tuck
11 years ago

Gonna be tough taking the rice bowl out of the hands of the “professionally outraged” class.

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