Confusion over Gallo Accepting Union Offer

It seems there is some confusion over the latest page in the Central Falls High School story. The ProJo headline reads, “School chief, teachers agree to resume talks.” There is mention of both “sides” returning to “the table,” which is some of the common parlance used when it comes to contract negotiations. In the ProJo story, Gallo is quoted as saying:

“My heart skipped a beat,” Gallo said after reading Sessums’ proposal. “I thought, ‘They are basically saying they want what we want for the first time, with the kind of assurances I need.’ … This brings the union back with us, in the conversation about meaningful reform. It’s where they should be.”

Further, as Supt. Gallo made clear this morning on WPRO’s John DePetro Show (podcast), she’s not talking about contract negotiations. The “table” the teachers are being invited back to is not a negotiating table but the one at which the reforms needed at the school will be discussed.
Additionally, it appears Supt. Gallo is not going to rescind her “fire” order until she’s sure the teachers are all in when it comes to reforming the school. She made clear in a radio interview this morning that she is holding out from rescinding her “fire” order until after the teachers take part in the planning process necessary to chart the path for fixing the school. She hopes to have that done in early May. After that, according to Gallo, then it will be up to the Board of Trustees of Central Falls to decide if they want to rescind the “fire” order.

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11 years ago

This is all in aid of Obama & Arne Duncan’s game plan. I was never fooled by Gallo, as she was never representing the taxpayer, but the agenda she shares with Obama/Duncan. In all candor, she was holding a threat of displacement of teachers by cheaper foreign teachers brought in on visas, as has been done in California, Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana (to disastrous results). Nor was the teacher’s union ever going to fight this, they are as willing to sell their members out as Obama and Duncan, are, as well as sell out us and our children while they continue to dumb them down.
These reforms are in aid of exploiting power to indoctrinate our children.

11 years ago

Central Falls, Pawtucket, Providence and Woonsocket have been forced to accept teacher from the RI Fellows and Teach for America programs. You become a teacher in five weeks. (No exaggeration.) Most of these teachers don’t last more than a year.
My call on this one. Shithouse, Reed and company make this go away behind closed doors, and we hand them their asses in the next election. I had lunch with a buddy who was in the room when Biden pulled a “Biden” over the CF mess. The unions are BS. Once they ditch Barack it’s over for these animals. Hellow Romney!

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