Despite Health Care Mess, There are Points of Agreement

Erstwhile Democratic presidential pollsters Pat Caddell (Carter) and Doug Schoen (Clinton) have penned a piece about the political prospects facing their party amidst the health-care drama. Yet, what caught my attention was their concise summary of the things upon which most everyone agrees:

There are enough Republican and Democratic proposals — such as purchasing insurance across state lines, malpractice reform, incrementally increasing coverage, initiatives to hold down costs, covering preexisting conditions and ensuring portability — that can win bipartisan support. It is not a question of starting over but of taking the best of both parties and presenting that as representative of what we need to do to achieve meaningful reform. Such a proposal could even become a template for the central agenda items for the American people: jobs and economic development.

It’s too bad that the Democrats in charge are hell-bent on reconciling this unpopular omnibus health care plan into existence. If they’d take a step back, they’d see that a popular, bi-partisan approach is there for them. But that would mean admitting (a small) defeat.

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13 years ago

C’mon, let’s tell it as it is!
Health Care reform is not about the people – democratic or gop – and what they want. It is about big business and what IT wants.
Added together, all those suggestions in your post would add vastly to the cost of health insurance. Most are the same old talking points (state lines, etc.), and the others are extremely costly (covering everyone, better coverage).
It is the entire system which is broken, and those republican “incremental reforms” will do nothing except the status quo. Of course the existing bill won’t do much either, as it is mostly written and supported by big business lobbyists.
It’s actually quite sad to watch people and the economy head down the drain due to health care costs – while the GOP has admittedly fought every effort for 50+ years to reform it. That’s still happening today, and will continue. Their big business masters will not allow for caring for people.

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