Re: Sunday Healthcare Whip Report

Stupak is now officially a “yes”. National Review Online has identified 3 pro-life Congressmen that may not go along with the executive order solution. Two of them, Dan Lipinski and Jerry Costello both of Illinois, are on the Firedoglake Stupak-list. A third, Gene Taylor was already counted as a “no”.
Earl Pomeroy has declared he is a “yes”.
If we put the 7 remaining from the Stupak bloc as “yes” votes, plus Pomeroy, the Democrats now have 216, no matter how the remaining undecideds break (trusting the FDL information and the NRO report to be accurate).
UPDATE (5:08 PM)
…although the New York Times lists only 5 official “yes” votes, Stupak, Driehaus, Dahlkemper, Rahall and Mollohan.

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12 years ago

It shouldn’t be this hard to give people what is best for them …

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