Sunday Healthcare Whip Report

Firedoglake is reporting that Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, who had been in listed in their Stupak bloc (don’t know that we can really call them pro-lifers as a group anymore) will vote “yes” regardless of any changes in abortion language. Bart Stupak’s statement that he has 6 members in his bloc suggests least one or more of the others in the FDL “Stupak” category might go “yes”, regardless of changes or non-changes that happen today. Reportedly, Stupak is negotiating with the White House on banning public funding for abortion via executive order, meaning the EO strategy could win his vote and the votes of his bloc.
FDL is also mentioning that Rick Boucher of Virginia, who they had as a “no” but other sources had as undecided, is a potential undecided. And no one is sure what Loretta Sanchez of California is going to do. All that taken into consideration, I’l interpret the FDL reports as saying 206 Yes, 207 No, 9 generic unknowns, 9 potential members of the Stupak bloc (but at least one who is probably already a “yes”).
Fox News hasn’t moved their tally from 216-215; I’m not sure where they had Kaptur before. The New York Times is enjoying Sunday Brunch.
UPDATE (12:32 PM)
Something is up with the Stupak discussions with the White House. A press conference that was supposed to have been held at noon has been cancelled. Nothing definitive has been reported yet.
Also, there appears to be one New England vote still undecided. Firedoglake has Michael Michaud of Maine as an undecided potential Yes-No flip, though the New York Times has him as a “yes”. The Bangor Daily News reported yesterday…

With a historic vote on reforming the nation’s health care system looming on the horizon, Rep. Michael Michaud isn’t tipping his hand. In a prepared statement on Friday, Michaud said he is still reviewing the contents of the reconciliation package unveiled Thursday by fellow Democrats in the U.S. House…As of Friday afternoon, Michaud was the only member of Maine’s congressional delegation still on the fence about the legislation
Depending on what is happening with the Stupak bloc, one question may become how well having to campaign as “the man who decided to bring socialism to America” will go over in Maine.
UPDATE II (12:49 PM)
Firedoglake is reporting that MSNBC is reporting that the Stupak bloc has accepted the Executive Order, and will vote for the bill.
By FDL’s count, one more commitment is still necessary to get the democrats to 216 (assuming they now will get all 9 of the Reps listed under the Stupak bloc). Could we see any confusion about Loretta Sanchez clear up very soon? I suspect she could weather the title of “the bringer of socialism to America” title better than Mike Michaud could.
Here’s the banner from MSNBC
BREAKING NEWS: Sources tell NBC News that Rep. Stupak to vote yes on health care bill
No link provided, no word from Rep. Stupak himself yet.
Robert Costa of National Review Online is confirming Stupak as a “yes”.
UPDATE V (1:30 PM)
Fox News is reporting that Brian Baird of Washington has announced he will vote for the bill, and they’ve moved their tally to 217-214.
Baird was on the Firedoglake list of unknowns, which means if all 9 of their Stupak bloc members come over, their tally is 216 votes in favor of passage. Baird, by the way is retiring from Congress.
Hold on a sec: a conservative group-blog (NRO) is linking to a twitter feed from a producer at an all-news network (CNN) which says…
Urgent — Rep. Stupak to CNN producer Lesa Jansen: “I’m still a no…There is no deal yet. Its a work in progress.”
However, the feeling among the commentariat is that something will be worked out.
Roll Call says…
Despite reports to the contrary, House Democratic leaders insisted Sunday that they do not yet have the support of anti-abortion-rights Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), who has been leading a bloc of key holdouts on the bill.
MSNBC reported earlier that Stupak — and others opposing the final health bill over the abortion language — would vote in favor. But according to Brendan Daly, spokesman for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), “MSNBC is wrong.”
“We hope so, but it hasn’t happened yet,” he added.

The New York Times is reporting that John Tanner of Tennessee, who was undecided, will remain a “no”. Firedoglake is reporting that Lincoln Davis of Tennessee will also vote “no”, and that Bill Foster of Illinois will vote “yes”.
That puts the total at 208-209, 5 generic undecideds (4 of whom voted yes on the previous bill), 9 members of the Stupak bloc possibly waiting on the outcome of the executive order deliberations.

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11 years ago

Democrats are very desperate to get this done in both Houses of Congress before they all return home for the Easter recess.
These Dem girlymen (I know I know it’s redundant lol) do not want to face their own citizens with this corrupt process still hanging in the air.
Here’s whats going to happen.
House will pass this…..goes to the Senate where HUNDREDS of amendments will be offered up by the Repubs…..this will force the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden to intervene and shut down the process claiming parlamentarian rule……
This fiasco has great potential to be a absolute political boon for the Republican party in the coming years.

Justin Katz
11 years ago

A recurring thought that I’ve had this morning: This should be considered the one unforgivable vote for every national politician. This is especially true for those in whom the opposition has had some hope, such as Langevin. Even if it means putting Betsy Dennigan in Congress, Langevin should lose his seat over this.
And that’s not enough, judging from rumors that some of the rewards that politicians are receiving for their votes are personal appointments and such that take the sting out of losing their offices. Every Senator and Congressman who votes for the healthcare bill should be on so many online lists that this vote is the first thing to come up whenever anybody searches the Internet for their names, and not a single one should ever receive a public post without opposition and controversy.

11 years ago

Andrew, you should know that the New York Times has been cutting and slashing its newsroom to the point there aren’t enough bodies to put soemone on the graveyard shift.
The brunch you speak of is likely macaroni and cheese.

11 years ago

“The brunch you speak of is likely macaroni and cheese.”
… although probably the top officers will enjoy something a bit less common, Rhody, as some of them got a hefty raise in 2009. Pay equity for thee but not for me is apparently Mr. Sulzberger’s philosophy.

11 years ago

Very true, Monique. More proof that those who call the NYT liberal have no idea what they’re talking about.

11 years ago

… um, yeah, Rhody, those silly people are judging the paper by its reporting and its editorials, not by the hypocritical compensation package of its officers.

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