Three-Way Republican Primary Race for Second District

Well, there’s no shortage of Republicans interested in replacing Jim Langevin in Congress. Joining Mark Zaccaria and Michael Gardner in the Republican race is Bill Clegg:

“Federal spending is simply not sustainable. Congress must get into the game and examine every program, every entitlement, and every priority they have created”.
Clegg also intends to focus on restoring trust in government, and reducing the overall role of the federal government. “Government is once again exceeding its constitutional grasp and I am very concerned with the direction we are heading. I do not think fostering dependency and bureaucracy is what America is all about.”

A quick look reveals Clegg’s Web site to be devoid of social issues. In the current environment, of course, that could indicate opinions in either direction, or neither. Of course, Langevin’s own ostensible pro-life position is now a nullity, for political purposes, so Republicans’ positions only matter in the primary.

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