The 10th Amendment Rally: Mark Zaccaria and Robert Healey

At this past Saturday’s 10th Amendment rally in Providence, I had a chance to ask some quick questions to the statewide and semi-statewide candidates who attended.
I asked Mark Zaccaria, Republican candidate for Congress in Rhode Island’s Second District, about the difference between running two years ago, when people were saying American capitalism was dead, and running this year, when people are holding 10th Amendment rallies at the Rhode Island Statehouse…

And I asked Robert Healey, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, to expound about the distinction between the 9th and 10th Amendments which he had spoken about during his time at the podium…
I also had the chance to ask both gentleman some more directly political questions (Zaccaria on Rep. Langevin’s healthcare vote, Healey on “is this the year?”, which I will post shortly…

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