UPDATE: Do You Know This Guy?

Apparently, my hypothesis was incorrect. The owner of the controversial sign checked in to explain that he was not a left-wing saboteur:

Justin, the picture is old news, you should pay attention a bit more, as all has been clarified about the sign. However, I do appreciate you keeping the subject alive as to continue to shed more bad light on my ineffective, failure of a congressman, Mr. Langevin.
In an effort to help to educate you, I will enclose some links for your reading enjoyment. It may interest you to note that my ineffective, failure of a congressman, Mr. Langevin, has never sponsored or passed any legislation to assist the disabled. He continues to ignore gross violations of the ADA code as it relates to handicap accessibility. He has voted in every sense to continue to raise taxes, expand the public debt, bailout the criminal banks, he has voted in his career 99.93% along party lines (fact courtesy of Open Secrets.org). He is known as a “follower” in that he has never passed ANY legislation. His staff’s salaries have almost doubled since 2004, he had a known criminal on his payroll in 2007, (hmmmm, a congressman with a known criminal on the payroll, not very welled versed in security is he??)Link.
What else, oh yeah, He voted against reducing SS tax on senior citizens, but voted to give himself a $5300.00 COLA. I could go on and on, but someday, you too, when you learn to do research, will have facts like these and others at your finger tips. I do find it interesting that he owns 4 homes registered under the business name Future Realty Management Co. that his mother operates for him. Looks like he’s doing pretty pretty pretty pretty good for HIMSELF !!!! As he continues to take steps to push our country closer to socialism.
One last point ,this one you should take the rubbish out of your ears so that you can hear it loud and clear. I REPRESENT NO GROUP OTHER THAN MYSELF AS A LAW ABIDING TAX PAYING CITIZEN!! GOT THAT?? Good.
Now go read a fairy tale about how good your president is, and how wonderful Marxism has worked in the past, and rest your head calmly while soldiers die so that you can spew your illiterate garbage.

By “clarified,” he’s referring to an appearance on the Helen Glover Show in which he apologized for the distraction and to insist that he represents only himself. So it’s the secondary hypothesis: that a loosely affiliated grassroots movement will have people who make statements in a way that others find distasteful. And then the left-wing saboteurs jump in.
Now that that’s cleared up, I’ll get back to my Marxist reading list and reorganizing my personal Obama shrine.

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11 years ago

I have been soooo tempted to show up at one of these left-wing protests (Westin?) with some sign that is in really bad taste or offensive and walk the picket line with them. See if they kick me out and then claim they’re trying to stifle my 1st amendment rights to free speech, assembly and protest. If not, then they’ll be labeled with my message as well.
I mean, isn’t that how they say it works?

11 years ago

“I’ll get back to my Marxist reading list and reorganizing my personal Obama shrine.”
… um, that sounds considerably out of character for you, Justin.
That Rob is not a saboteur does not mean that they do not exist or that we should not keep half an eye out for them.
(Patrick, that’s mighty tempting. It could even be something not entirely false, like “Marxism Now!” or “Hooray for Castro and Chavez!”.)

11 years ago

What we really need is for some of these organizers (Colleen?) or whoever else organizes things like the 10th Amendment rally and at some point make an announcement to the effect of that we respect everyone’s rights to free speech and protest, but the messages conveyed by “that person and that person and that group over there” do not reflect the opinions of the organizers and quite possibly not the majority. If they don’t, then it really is an implied agreement.
I agree that many of these people are simply really radical, really angry and just fed up and want to do something about it. In the same spirit of what the Tea Party and other groups are trying to do. But to do things like refer to a “cripple” or throw money and yell at someone with Parkinson’s at these rallies or spit at Congressmen is just way, way out of line.

11 years ago

I’ll get back to my Marxist reading list…

Well, at least that explains the decision announced a few weeks ago to join the socialist media.
You mean that isn’t the same thing as participating in social media? Nevermind.

11 years ago

Patrick, while that is not a bad idea it has negative consequences that make it a non-starter. It’s counterproductive to dignify such signs or behavior from the podium, and distracting from the rest of the agenda. Best to leave them ignored and not give them the attention they crave.

11 years ago

April 7, 2010 was the date of the day that Katz admitted that he was wrong about something.
I’ll admit to an error also. I have accepted that those who attend these tea bag parties, or whatever else you people call such gatherings are there for more or less the same reasons. So when you all write about the size of these events and use the number of people attending as proof of the worthiness of your cause, I will in the future remind myself and you that there are those that attend your displays who do not represent the thoughts and ideas of the organizers. Who knows how many disturbed loners, pickpockets, extremists, sexual pretators, and who knows who’s that do not carry offensive signs add to your attendance totals.

11 years ago

How many here are going to see Palin and supporting cast at the Big Corporate Tea Party Express bash in Boston on 4/14?
With millions of dollars from their corporate sponsors (exxon, big health care, etc.), these shiny buses are a sight to see!
Of course, Palin and friends don’t take buses. They take private jets, likely paid for by her PAC and corporate money.
What a joke! But I guess that’s entertainment!
PS? Is Fox News going to sponsor tax day rallies this year..as they did last?

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