Daily Show with Jon Stuart’s Take on the Threats and Censorship Surrounding those South Park Episodes

… is superb. If you’re time constrained, fast forward to minute 8:25. (“Revolution Muslim”, referenced in the screen cap below, is the name of the organization/website which posted the threats to the show’s producers.)

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South Park Death Threats
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13 years ago

I’m surprised the cowards in charge at Comedy Central didn’t censor that one, too. But I thoroughly enjoyed the sing-along at the end. In fact, it would be fun to organize a performance of that song in front of the mosque where the RevolutionMuslim.com idiots plot their hateful schemes.

13 years ago

I don’t think the Comedy Central suits are too happy to see their network’s biggest star backing these guys.
Bill Maher also slammed his former bosses this weekend. He brings up a good point: what do fundamentalist terrorist Muslims have against cartoons, anyway?

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