Two Pieces of Heartening News Out of Massachusetts

… for those of us who have watched with consternation the push around the country – and especially in Washington – for expansion of both big government and illegal immigration.
1) Republican Richard Ross (R – again, that’s R) has won by a substantial margin the state senate seat vacated by Scott Brown. Ross even won Needham, the home town of his Democrat opponent. While not quite as monumental as Brown’s victory one hundred days ago, this is nevertheless a notable development in a distinctly left-leaning, pro-big government state.
2) And the AP via the Boston Herald reports that last night, the Worcester City Council

declined to vote on a resolution calling for an economic boycott against Arizona in protest of that state’s recently passed controversial immigration law

Contrast this with the misguided action of the Boston City Council in voting to cut business ties with Arizona as well as the stated intention of Mayor Menino to poll all companies doing business with the city to determine their views on “immigration”. (Note the refusal to use the word “illegal” as well as this potential exercise in thought policing.)
On his blog, Michael Graham makes the point that everyone critical of the AZ law has studiously disregarded.

here’s my question for pro-boycotters like Mayor Menino:
Now that other states are considering similar measures, are you going to boycott them, too? And given that 70 percent of Americans support Arizona’s law, and the law is actually just a state version of federal law right now (unenforced, but the law nevertheless), are you going to boycott the entire United States of America?

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Tommy Cranston
Tommy Cranston
11 years ago

and one big, big piece of disheartening news out of RI.
Gary Sasse, on WPRO at 5:30 just said RI will be “in a Greek situation” next year.
Exact quote.
Thanks Progressives!

11 years ago

Thank you, Mumbles Menino for enlightening me the other day. I didn’t know Jason Varitek kicked the winning field goal in Super Bowl XXXVI.

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