Les Phillip, Alabama congressional candidate

The video quality may be poor but the words from Alabama congressional candidate Les Phillip are some of the best I have heard in a long time.
Rainy Day Patriots Speech Highlights.
Here, again, is his ad posted earlier.
His campaign website is here.

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13 years ago

First, I know Les Phillip pretty well. He gives me a pay check 🙂 I’m deputy campaign manager for him.
You do your homework! Did you know that Les has never ran for office before? I was surprised to find someone post an old vid of Les. I was at this meeting in the vid and it was the first time ever that I got to see ladies get teary eyed at a political rally.
When he gave this speech, at the time, he hasn’t done a lot of public speaking before this event. What you miss in the vid is Les, an inexperienced speaker, trying to articulate his passion for the love of this country through gritting teeth and watery eyes.
At first I was worried about his choppy sentences but they have became a blessing in disguise. Because people see that he isn’t a politician but a patriot he comes across VERY genuine and sincere! They hear the truth ring loudly in his words. Americans see themselves in him and feel how he feels. He truly is one of “us”.
Les and I are both vets and when Les says he is going to fight to save this Republic…
The last time I seen that look in a man’s eyes was when I was in uniform.

12 years ago

A true Fixed News candidate. This guy will go far – and if he does or doesn’t, Rupert Murdoch and other monied republicans will make sure he prospers – ala Palin and friends.
Maybe he really believes what he says – if so, I think he needs to get a real education.
Ha Ha – he wants more and more drilling, wants to “defend” the coal industry and is does not mention the words conservation or energy efficiency in his Energy issues. What a dufus!
Well, can’t expect much better, sadly, from Alabama – Rankings below:
4th from the top in most living in poverty.
one of the 5 worst in education ranking
3rd most Obese state
2nd worst in total health ranking
top 5 in number of divorces per capita
4th lowest income per capital in the US
#9 in MOST use of energy per capita.
A record to be proud of, as it appears Mr. Phillip is.
Maybe he can go for a swim soon in all that oil which he want to use more of.
It’s pretty sad that we revel in being at the bottom. Then again, I really doubt Les even knows about these things called “facts”.

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