A Local Budget Correction

I’ve referred, on Anchor Rising, to an erroneous conclusion of mine related to state aid and Tiverton’s school budget, so I should point to my correction, here, as well. In essence, when I stated that Tiverton was receiving more than predicted in state and federal aid, I didn’t realize that the state’s methods include “restricted” funds in the total on which it votes within its budget. Assuming the same allocation for those funds, this year as last, the state is actually providing $55,514 less.
The error, I’d note, suggests that the school department should stop teasing “restricted” aid out of the numbers that it presents to the public.

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TCC's plaatform based on lies
TCC's plaatform based on lies
11 years ago

Don’t forget “In Tiverton, for example, the School Committee predicted a low aid number”…OK, Justin, I’m calling you on your bull%^&* on this one. Take a look at your correction and tell us which group was trying to frighten voters?

Justin Katz
11 years ago

No bull, anonymous commenter. Mere days before the FTM, RIDE told the school committee to increase its prediction of aid. Previously, it had budgeted for 5% less than the *governor’s* number (and without federal aid, I believe), leading the committee to ask for more than a 6% increase in town funding.

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