Campaign Season Appeal

I’ve tended to post this sort of content under our Community Crier contributor, but my reasoning is a bit more personal, this time around, so my own face and name seemed more appropriate.
You wouldn’t know it to observe the electorate, but election seasons, in Rhode Island, have been of increasing importance, and this year is critical. I’d be lying if I rolled a veneer of optimism on my expectations, but even with the darkest of prognoses, we must strive to do all that we can.
Unfortunately, this dire need for attention and action corresponds with a languishing economy, and honesty compels me to admit that my positioning was particularly poor at the time that things went sour. My household was in the process of digging itself out of the hole that past errors had created when the Great Recession hit, and preventing a backslide has become about all that we’ve been able to achieve for the past couple of years.
These are personal matters, but they become relevant to Anchor Rising in that I’m at the point of having to consider such actions as canceling high-speed Internet in the home — a luxury, to be sure, but one that makes operating a Web site quite a bit more efficient (especially when it comes to audio and video). Taking unpaid days off from work for Anchor Rising purposes is entirely out of the question, at this point. Similarly, expanding the liberties that AR’s resources allow me to offer other contributors isn’t currently conceivable.
We’ll all continue to do what we can in our capacity as hobbyists, but most of you will agree, I think, that the times call for considerably more. So please, if you’re able, help us to draw that extra effort from our busy schedules and tight budgets. Every penny helps maintain what we’ve built, and larger windfall gifts could bring us to another level of activity.
Subscriptions of $0.25 per day (payments of $7.60 per month) and donations of any size may be made using credit cards via PayPal (no PayPal account is necessary) by clicking the following:

Those who would prefer the more direct route of checks or money orders can make them out to Anchor Rising and send them to:

Anchor Rising
P.O. Box 751
Portsmouth, RI 02871

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