Bill Clegg at the Rhode Island Republican Assembly Endorsement Convention

This past Saturday, the Rhode Island Republican Assembly held its endorsement convention for statewide candidates. Candidates were allowed to make a short statement, then took questions from the audience. As always, RI-RA members asked direct and pointed questions of the candidates.
Bill Clegg spoke to the convention about his campaign for Congress in Rhode Island’s Second Congressional District.

Opening statement:

“America is a great and wondrous country, but America is in mortal danger right now. America is being besieged on all sides, internally which is the most dismaying thing of all…” (Audio: 0 min 50 sec)
“But let me talk about Jim Langevin for a minute. Jim Langevin is a follower, and he’s an incompetent follower at that….Jim Langevin has not earned your trust. In fact, he has abused your trust in a critical vote only 3 or 4 months ago…” (Audio: 1 min 25 sec)
“So let me tick off the necessary qualifications real quick for you. New face, no political baggage that can be attacked, meaningful real-world experience, solid record of significant achievement, more money coming into the campaign everyday and a positive checking account balance in the campaign which is a huge plus, and last, energy and commitment to take on Jim Langevin…” (Audio: 1 min 46 sec)
Audience Question: What’s your view on gay marriage?
Answer: “…I’m OK with the civil union concept, equalizing tax laws. I think marriage should be the province of religion and is reserved for men and women.” (Audio: 0 min 19 sec)
Audience Question: How come you haven’t been recently active in Republican politics until now?
Answer: “When I first moved to Rhode Island after law school and took a job, I became active in Republican Party politics. I became City Chair in Warwick…and I actually ran for office in the early ’90s…” (Audio: 1 min 9 sec)
Audience Question: Will you support repealing the parts of the Patriot Act the violate the Bill of Rights?
Answer: “The Patriot Act has done some good things as well for us. It has given us great transparency into the accounts of terrorists…and while there are some parts that concern privacy, I’m more concerned with the issues of terrorism…” (Audio: 0 min 38 sec)
Audience Question: Would you support making English the official language of the country?
Answer: “I hope we never become like Quebec, where you have to have every sign in French and English. I think the first thing as an obligation as American citizens is to learn the language, so you can function in the country…” (Audio: 0 min 13 sec)
Audience Question: What is your position on gays in the military?
Answer: “There’s no issue with gays in the military…I think the military can be integrated, just like it was with race back in the 50s…” (Audio: 0 min 22 sec)
Audience Question: What is your position on closing up the borders and stopping illegal immigration into the United States?
Answer: “We should have done it yesterday. Not only tightening up Federal borders, but the issue, as we know, is the enforcement of Federal immigration laws which are on the books but not enforced at all…” (Audio: 0 min 49 sec)

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11 years ago

What a stellar candidate – the RIRA folks sure missed the boat on this one! Im not worried, its his Primary to lose, and with a resume like Clegg’s there is no chance.

11 years ago

Other Dan, would you mind putting an initial after your name so that people can distinguish between us?

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