RI Governor 2010 – Immigration Reference Chart

Based on Andrew’s reporting as well as the ProJo and the GoLocalProv accounts, here is a quick reference chart detailing the 2010 RI Gubonatorial candidates’ stance on four key Immigration related issues: Governor Carcieri’s 2008 Executive Order, E-Verify, in-state college tuition for the illegal/undocumented, and the Arizona Immigration law.

Issue Chafee Lynch Giroux* Caprio Block** Robitaille*** Moffit
Carcieri Exec order Against Against Against Approve Qualified Qualified Approve
E-Verify Against Against Against Approve Approve Approve Approve
College Tuition Approve Approve Qualified Approve Qualified Against Against
Arizona Law Against Against Against Against Against Qualified Approve

* Giroux – Not ready for an in-state tuition program, though implies eventual support.
** Block – Would tweak the language of the executive order to ensure no racial profiling. Approves of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants who are in the process of becoming legal.
***Robitaille – Supports Executive Order, but would use the Florida secure communities model instead of 287(g). Would consider some components of AZ law for RI, but states are different.

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13 years ago

Linc Chafee doesn’t have a clue when it comes to illegal immigration.
As a senator he voted to allow illegal aliens access to social security as a reward for breaking our country’s laws. Ridiculous!

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

Chafee is clueless on a lot more than immigration.
What these candidates don’t realize is that giving illegal aliens in state tuition prevents them from charging a differential to a US Citizen or legal resident from out of state.

Al Dente
Al Dente
13 years ago

BREAKING….Fielding Mellish is Obama’s New Czar of Immigration – Deets are at:
Have a great day! 🙂

13 years ago

Keep at it, folks…..it appears you are having an effect….from a story today:
“There is compelling new evidence that Republicans will rue the day that they allowed their virulent anti-immigrant wing to grab the controls of the Republican Party.
In fact, contrary to much of the pundit chatter, a drama is playing out this fall that may doom Republicans to permanent minority status in America.
The passage of the Arizona “papers, please” anti-immigration law has forced Republican politicians around the country into a political box canyon that does not offer an easy escape. For fear of offending the emergent Tea Party – and other anti-immigrant zealots in their own base — they are precipitating a massive realignment of Latino voters nationwide.
A few months ago, no one would have predicted a massive turnout in November among Hispanic voters. That appears to have changed.
If a surge of anti-Republican Hispanic voters destroys the careers of enough politicians who thought that pandering to anti-immigrant fear was good politics, the whole political narrative about immigration reform will change.”
I’m just the messenger, folks.
The real question for you is – do you want more republicans in office?
Of course the actual REAL question is “What did Bush and the GOP majorities for most of the 12 years period from 1994-2006 do?”.
But I don’t think you can answer that one!

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

Stu-read what Voz de Aztlan has to say about Jews.

13 years ago

>read what Voz de Aztlan has to say about Jews.
So what else is new? People have been denigrating Jews and many other groups for centuries. But numbers talk…..
I can’t claim to be in touch with any of these “communities”….I’m more of an arms length observer.
My take is that most of the immigrant bashing is being done for purely political (whip up the base) reasons. I say this because of the complete lack of action taken when the conservatives ruled for over a decade. Any action they take, like the AZ law, it more meant to divide people than to solve a problem.
Like it or not…in politics groups must have a big tent. You can’t piss off too many people. It is likely that generations of folks of Hispanic decent will now point to this AZ. law and other such actions and tell their kids “Vote Democratic”.
The article points out that even the upcoming “white” generation is unlikely to follow the Republican party – so without 100% of the white folks and without strong numbers among others, the article posits that the GOP is sunk.
Of course, this is an opinion piece and nothing ever turns out exactly as predicted. But I do think immigration reformers, if they were truly serious and caring, would get more bees with honey than they will with rat poison.

Tommy Cranston
Tommy Cranston
13 years ago

In state tuition for illegal aliens???
That one issue can sink Caprio/Chafee and elect a Republican.
Some humans ARE illegal.

Joe Bernstein
Joe Bernstein
13 years ago

Stuart-because most of immediate family are Hispanic or at least part I get some input that maybe you don’t.My wife’s cousins and siblings in such disparate places as Florida,Nevada,and California are all strongly in favor of strict enforcement of immigration laws.
A significant percentage of the Border Patrol are Hispanic-my academy class was about 40% and that was 36 years ago!
I think you may be swayed by news coverage of organized demonstrations.
And I tired of the equating immigration issues with “Hispanics”.
Immigrants and illegal aliens come here from all over the world.Always have and always will.
The Democrats might be overconfident in thinking Hispanics will sign on to their socially liberal agenda.
Religion is held in high esteem in the Hispanic community.Homosexuality isn’t.Just a hint there.
Just because a rotten little race pimp like Rep.Gutierrez travels the country stirring up trouble doesn’t mean he has the following the press would have you believe.
FWIW most Black people I know have little sympathy with illegal aliens or are at best neutral,and I’m speaking here of people who strongly Obama.
Of course people I know is hardly scientific,but I’m relating it so you can make your own mind up.
I don’t understand the ennobling of people who show zero respect for our laws.
Immigration is a subject everyone has an opinion on,but relatively few people have the facts they need to arrive at an informed opinion.
If only it were the only subject suffering from that problem.

13 years ago

Joe, there is a difference between wanting enforced borders, immigration reform and the current scapegoating of “papers please”.
A person in the US should not be asked for their papers due to the way they were born….period, IMHO.
There is nothing wrong with wanting decent immigration reform…I’m for it. But, again, it was not done when the GOP controlled the agenda from 1994-2006, and it will not be done if they control it again. Read the news – Obama is putting vast resources into border control and security. It is on his agenda to tackle reform, but I suppose the GOP will kill it…….yelling and screaming how they don’t want amnesty or some other talking point.
Solving big problems requires compromise and reasonableness. You just cannot do it as easily as calling talk shows.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

Stuart-the Alien Registration Act of 1940 requires every foreign national in the US to be in possession of alien registration on their person if they are over 18 years of age.
It was upheld 9-0 by the Supreme Court.
So,yes you have to carry your “papers”and show them upon request to the proper authorities.
If that stikres you the wrong way,agitate to change the law,but it is the law of thr land just like the obligation to provide public education to children in the US in violtion of law.
You can’t have it both ways.

13 years ago

Our country is being invaded by people who are knowingly disobeying the law. What is scarier, is our federal govt is letting it continue.
My son-in-law has come to this country legally, and has done the proper paperwork, and paid the fees as a responsible, honest person. I guess he must be a dope for following the law, because nobody in the fed. govt is doing anything. But he respects the laws, even though they aren’t enforced or followed.
Because the feds have been asleep at the switch, states like AZ have to take steps to protect themselves. I applaud their bravery. Once your country has been taken over, it’s too late. I for one don’t want to wake up one day in a totally different country.
I refuse to reward criminal activity. The people are fed up, and starting to see what is at stake. We need more states to have the guts to do what is necessary to protect the honest citizen. If our leadership fails us, then they need to be replaced.

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