OSPRI in Congress

I’ve been meaning to mention the Congressional appearance of the Ocean State Policy Research Institute:

The Ocean State Policy Research Institute (OSPRI) today issued an appeal to the Rhode Island Attorney General asking for intervention in the Open Records Request sent to his appointed counsel in the lead paint case who is now being considered for a federal court seat.
“While OSPRI is concerned that the facts about the ‘Dupont Deal’ be made public, we are equally concerned that government transparency not be frustrated by private firms representing the people who fail to make the records of the case available to their client, we the people” said Brian Bishop, Director of the Founders Project, the Institute’s legal research and education arm.
Following citation of OSPRI’s efforts in the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee where Senator John Corny recognized the frustration we have had obtaining ‘Dupont Deal’ documents and placed OSPRI’s letter to the committee in the record of those proceedings, OSPRI continues to try to get to the bottom of who got what out of the deal and why.

Executive Director Bill Felkner and co. have been toiling on for several years, now, and even this sort of action, gaining the attention mainly of wonks and insiders, illustrate precisely why such work must be done. Without somebody with a spotlight, the public never has a chance to see the creepers skulking along just beneath the bright lights of government and media.

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