Portsmouth Institute 2010 Table of Contents

With summer now fully underway, we return to ordinary life. Yet, moments and ideas drawn from the Portsmouth Institute’s conference on “Newman and the Intellectual Tradition” linger, and one needn’t but scoop away life’s loose gravel to find the undercurrents that run through thought and living both. Something in the structure of Catholicism and in the emphases of its theology keeps intellectualism from drifting too far from experience. There is always that Man on the cross reminding us that belief must be lived and metaphysics must be applied.
Thanks once again to Jamie MacGuire both for organizing the event and for inviting Anchor Rising to participate and gather the speeches into online video so that the experience may be relived.
Friday, June 11:
My opening reflections
Rev. George Rutler, “
The Anglican Newman & Recent Developments
Professor Paul Griffiths, “The Grammar of Assent
Dr. Peter Kreeft, “The Dream of Gerontius
Edward Elgar evening concert
Fr. Richard Duffield, “The Newman Cause
Saturday, June 11:
Edward Short, “Newman and the Americans
Patrick Reilly, “Newman and the Renewal of Catholic Identity in Higher Education
Rev. Ian Ker, “Newman’s (and Pope Benedict XVI’s) Hermeneutic of Continuity

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