“Contract From America”

Browsing around on a google search to see whether an l.t.e. by S.K. Town Council candidate Andrew McNulty got printed (apparently I’m too proud to just ask), I stumbled on this.
With heavy emphasis on scaling back the size and spending (there isn’t a non-cliche adjective that properly describes how out of hand both have gotten) of the federal government, not to mention a greater legislative adherence to the Constitution, the “Contract from America” is an excellent set of formalized goals developed by the Tea Party and 912 movements. My only mild complaint is that, while it talks about a cap on annual spending increases plus a review and possible wholesale elimination of federal agencies and programs, no mention is made of rolling back the staggering spending that took place over the last two years. But possibly that would be intrinsic to the elimination of programs and agencies. Or maybe the horse is out of the barn with regard to past spending?
“Contract from America”, by the way, as opposed to “Contract with America” because

The Contract from America is a grassroots-generated, crowd-sourced, bottom-up call for real economic conservative and good governance reform in Congress.

“In Congress”. H’mm. I wonder if the members of Rhode Island’s congressional delegation have signed it …?

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