Candidates Have to Know Better

I do not intend to express a position on the RIGOP primary race for governor with this post, but sometimes the ball comes lofting so nice and slow over the net that it’s beyond my self control not to swing at it:

On Tuesday they went at it again during an hourlong debate on WPRO radio. They touched on an array of issues — including the specific taxes they would each like to cut, and got another chance to zing each other.
Moffitt also tried out his newest campaign slogan: “Sink with Linc…. Tank with Frank…. More Don with John…. Stick with Vic!”

Or maybe, “Die quick with Vic.” (Put aside the peculiarity of a non-incumbent asking people to stick with him.)
Other candidates for office should take note of two lessons, here:

  1. Be as positive as you can, especially when it comes to a slogan or catch phrase. Moffitt used 10 of his 13 words, above, badmouthing other people… and thereby making readers/hearers think of them.
  2. Don’t out clever-‘n’-cute yourself. In a state of a million people, somebody else just might reverse all of your efforts with an cleverer twist.
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13 years ago

kind of like “Obama Motors”
The Moffitt Development Plan includes a proposed Oceans Aquarium, hotel/casino, and retail shops along a boardwalk. Calf Pasture Point could be a potential location, on land currently owned by the Town of North Kingstown. The North End of Newport, Allens Avenue in Providence and the Blackstone River in Pawtucket are other potential locations
Victor plans to set up a 501c3 non profit corporation to build the world’s largest Aquarium here in the Ocean State. We will seek other possible locations along oceanfront property in South County or Newport.
Students at URI’s oceanographic center could intern at the new Aquarium and later gain full time employment there. Other local universities and colleges could offer internships and employment opportunities at the world class Oceans Aquarium.
It’s time the OCEAN STATE has it’s own world class Aquarium. Rhode Island needs more tourism and jobs. Help me to Fix Rhode Island NOW! I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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