Ken Block, on Frank Caprio’s Move in the 38 Studios Saga

In the course of an interview with Moderate party Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Block, I had the opportunity to get Mr. Block’s immediate reaction to the news that General Treasurer and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio had taken steps today to prevent the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation loan-guarantee deal with 38 Studios from being implemented…

“I’ve been firmly and emphatically against the 38 Studios deal right from its announcement. Frank has been all over the map on it…He’s apparently has gone directly to the ratings agencies and has been stirring the pot with them. I don’t know if Frank has overstepped any boundaries or not, in his formal capacity, as either a citizen or as a Treasurer…” Audio: 27 sec

“For me, it’s been abundantly clear from day 1 that this deal was the wrong deal for Rhode Island. It’s unfortunate. I’m not sure we can unring the bell. I’m not sure that we should unring the bell, because if a state begins reneging on deals, that could have a negative impact on other deals you might do with other entities down the line…” Audio: 34 sec

“I know that I’m still adamantly against the deal, but will anybody do a deal with us in the future, not being able to be sure that the deal is going to go through?…I wish that Frank was clearer all the way along. Like I said before, he’s been all over the map in terms of where he is. He’s against it today, we’ll see what happens tomorrow…” Audio: 35 sec

Katherine Gregg has details on the steps taken by Treasurer Caprio, at the Projo’s 7-to-7 newsblog.

Ian Donnis of WRNI radio’s On Politics blog has extended reaction from RI Governor Donald Carcieri.

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