As difficult as it may be for me to come to the defense of Patrick Lynch, I have to point out that the PolitiFact folks are doing exactly what they accuse Lynch of doing, here:

Our Truth-O-Meter can’t predict the future, so we don’t know if the jobs estimates being projected by either Lynch or Deepwater are correct, whether the wind farm will — as some experts have predicted — actually cost the state jobs by driving up the cost of electricity, or whether fossil fuel prices will someday make Rhode Islanders glad they invested in the small- or large-scale offshore wind farms.
But for now, we rule that Lynch was telling only half the story when he quoted Deepwater officials, so we’ll give him a Half True

Lynch had quoted Deepwater’s testimony that it would directly create only six new jobs in the state, and PolitiFact objected that he didn’t account for contractors who would help to build the necessary components. Putting aside the fact that it is wholly speculative (i.e., predicting the future) that the company will not find out-of-state contractors, as any Rhode Island business, agency, or even municipality is wont to do when a non-RI firm wins the bidding process, PolitiFact ignores the context of the debate.
The weight of the decision to privilege Deepwater with government assistance — to the point of manipulating the law to ensure that guardian agencies, like the Public Utilities Commission, wouldn’t have to acknowledge that the project is a bad deal for the people of the state — fell on the assumption that building a permanent industry, here, would be worth the cost, Building buildings and the other “temporary construction jobs” on which PolitiFact relies for its verdict are great but don’t necessarily justify the extraordinary steps that our state officials have taken.
I’d adjust Lynch up to a “mostly true.”

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13 years ago

All you need to know about “Politifact” is that they referred to Paul Krugman to gauge the truth of John Loughlin’s statement about the Reagan tax cuts.

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