Amy Rice, on the Attack

State District 72 representative Amy Rice (D, Portsmouth, Middletown, Newport), with nothing apparently newsworthy to say on issues relevant to Rhode Island, has really been on the attack against her opponent, Republican Dan Reilly. First, on GoLocalProv:

Reilly’s Democratic opponent, incumbent Amy Rice, accuses him of violating the law. “By filing his papers and having his job he was having his cake and eating it too,” Rice told GoLocalProv. Rice is the co-vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee and is also the Deputy Majority Leader.
The executive director of the state Democratic Party also took Reilly to task. “After an initial glance at RI General Law § 36-4-51, it would appear that Mr. Reilly needs to conduct some due diligence before moving forward with his campaign, if, in fact, his position with the DEM is classified as defined by state law,” said Stephanie DeSilva.

Reilly is a low-level seasonal park ranger for the Department of Environmental Management, and has now returned to school, as I understand. One must have an extremely broad interpretation of the intent of this law to think that its intent was to prevent political corruption by seasonal college-age employees. Of course, this being Rhode Island, the list of exemptions to this law suggests that corruption may not be its target. Notably, the list allows “members of the state board of elections” and “election officials and employees” to be candidates, as well.
Another Rice attack has to do with that favorite of corrupt insiders: errors in campaign finance filings:

In letters last week to Richard E. Thornton, state director of campaign finance, the Portsmouth Democrat wrote that Republican opponent Daniel P. Reilly rented a billboard, and mailed out two campaign flyers for which no accounting appears on his campaign expense statements.
In a second [letter], she said she also recalled that he ran a television ad that year and there is no accounting for that either. …
Mr. Reilly said that he did not list the expenditures because they were paid with money that “I lent to my campaign from my personal finances.” He added that he has not yet repaid himself those loans except for a minor amount.

In general, campaign finance laws are a great example of the error behind expecting government to pass laws policing entry into government. The targets of such technicality attacks are typically outsiders who err in filing paperwork, while incumbents flout the law. As Reilly says, “Rice’s record shows she consistently violates state law by failing to file finance reports by the required date.” The regulations become little more than barriers to entry, making it more difficult to challenge entrenched politicians.

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joe bernstein
joe bernstein
13 years ago

the Rice-reilly animosity is a carryover from two years ago when tings got nasty.
I don’t know who reilly is,but Rice I’ve seen on Capitol TV and she has a nasty mouth and demeanor on the House floor.Sometimes she sounds like she’s on the sauce.

13 years ago

Does Justin also urge Supreme Court justices to interpret intent as well as letter of the law. I seem to remember that he approves strict interpretation by SCOTUS, but he is urging, dare I say, liberal interpretation of § 36-4-51 which states, “No classified employee or member of the personnel appeal board shall seek the nomination of or be a candidate for any elective state office; neither shall any state elective officer be appointed a member of the personnel appeal board or a classified employee unless he or she resigns his or her elective office.”
My what a liberal interpretation from an unlikely source

13 years ago

Give me a break…
I’ve seen the BOE in action.
A complaint was filed in mid August concerning the “Machine Backed” candidate for the Senate District 9, read Paiva-Weed backed” candidate, concerning his failure to a “Notice of Organization” prior to beginning to collect and expend funds. It was returned as “unverified” because it had not been signed before a Notary.
Because the original complainant was out of state, I personally filed a “verified” and amended complaint on 24 August. My complaint contained all the necessary supporting documentation, pictures, his own CFRs etc, for the BOE to hold a hearing and fine Mr. Peter Calci for violating RIGL 17-25-8.
To date, Nothing, Nada, Zip!
In fact the current Chair of the WW School Committee, Mrs. Linda Gay Palazzo has yet to file a CFR! This is the “public official” who has voted to sue the WW taxpayers of West Warwick at least three times over the past several years.
Another “machine backed” candidate Geoff Rousselle, finally filed one of his CFRs on 22 Sept, over two weeks after it was due. Guess he wanted to hide from the public who was contributing to his campaign, e.g. Alves, Murphy and Williamson!! Gee what a surprise.
The BOE is a joke!

13 years ago

Amy Rice has violated so many ethical guidelines it is difficult to know where to begin! For instance, she has authored and pushed through state legislation that DIRECTLY and FINANCIALLY benefit a private client in her law practice. The measures she has authored relate to loosening regulations for liquor sales, manufacturing and distribution in vineyards and wine distilleries in residential neighborhoods. Plans for such a facility in her district have been widely opposed by her constituents. But she sold out these voters to benefit her private practice client, Greenvale Vineyard. Rice has absolutely no ethical standards and is a dangerous person to have in our State Legislature.

Richard Liranzo
Richard Liranzo
11 years ago

Wow ! strange job! i would like to read your post frequently.Its make me to clutches more information. Thank You !

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