The Humor of Ideological Murder

Watching this high-profile short put out by the 10:10 initiative, which is seeking to inspire people to lower their carbon emissions by 10%, it’s very difficult to believe that it’s not a deliberate mockery of the very movement it supports:

I get that humor has its twists from culture to culture, but really: What kind of culture finds humor in seeing school children covered in the blood of classmates whom their teacher has slaughtered because they’re ambivalent about environmental activism — after having been deceitfully comforted that there was “no pressure” to conform?
Yes, it’s just a silly little movie, and it would be excessive to make a profound deal of it. Still, the impression one gets while watching it is that the skit would be a clever and applicable take-down of most leftist movements. Asserted tolerance for different views, with the mandate presented in fun, smiling, community-minded terms, followed by vicious and cold-blooded destruction of those who remain unmoved.

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10 years ago

Dr. John Holdren director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy wants to change the name of Global Warming, previously called Climate Change to Global Climate Disruption.
*According to Holdren, the term “global warming” implies something “gradual” and “uniform across the planet” that is “mainly about temperature” and “quite possibly benign.” Instead, Holdren says, what’s really happening is “highly non-uniform, not just about temperature, rapid, compared to capacities for adjustment” and “harmful for most places and times.”
In other words, Holdren thinks “global warming” sounds cozy rather than catastrophic, and that calling the phenomenon something that offers a more precise description of an urgent problem–one that we ignore at our peril–may help shake people out of their complacency and make them take notice, perhaps even motivate them to take action.* – Larry’s Environmental Issues Blog By Larry West, Environmental Issues Guide
The liberal left is more concerned with “packaging” and “blowing up” dissent rather than discussing facts and opening dialogue. Their ‘my way or the highway’ mentality only goes to show their intolerance for fact based discussion. The 10:10 commercial proves they are more concerned with how they are right and willing to literally kill anyone who questions their viewpoint.

10 years ago

The Right-Wing-Nut, war on science is a part of the larger culture war, which attempts to ban the teaching
evolution, spreads global warming DENIALISM, and disallows and/or blocks funding for stem cell research for ideological and religious reasons.
Many people who actively distrust anything a scientist has to say, and who will go out of their way to discredit them.

10 years ago

So, Sammy distrusts the thousands of scientists who have publicly disputed the religion of global-warming. And this in the face of hard evidence that the “scientists” he prefers to believe purposefully falsified their data and destroyed records to prevent an audit of their work.
Sounds hypocritical to me.

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