New New Media Opportunities to Clarify the Ideas Beneath the Headlines

OK, let’s see if I can get with this whole socialist media thing…what’s that…oh, you say it’s social media. I feel more comfortable with it already.
On Saturday, First District Democratic Congressional Candidate David Cicilline tweeted this headline…

Loughlin Calls Social Security a ‘Ponzi Scheme’
A minature link in the tweet takes you to a Facebook page which reprints a Golocal Providence article where a spokesman for the Cicilline campaign said they didn’t like the comparison of Social Security to a Ponzi scheme, but didn’t really say why.
To clarify the substance the comparison, and clarifying substance is always our primary objective here at Anchor Rising, {I made the following series of tweets? I offered the following series of tweets? I tweeted-back the following series of messages? Somebody help me out here}…
@davidcicilline Re: Ponzi; Could you explain your understanding of how revenue from this year’s SS tax is being spent by the Federal Gov?
@davidcicilline Also, could you explain your understanding of where money used to pay this year’s SS beneficiaries comes from?
@davidcicilline If you need more than 140 chars to respond, please e-mail Thanx.

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13 years ago

Details?? Cash flow specifics??
Andrew, you pain in the neck!

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