I’ll Do As I Say, Not as I Did: The Gap Between Frank Caprio’s Campaign Words and His Official Actions

With apologies for merely transferring something whole cloth (especially in sight of Andrew’s extensive work), an interesting press release yesterday from the RIGOP highlights the contrast between Frank Caprio on the campaign trail and Frank Caprio in action at the General Assembly.
During last night’s televised gubernatorial debate, Democrat Frank Caprio struggled while trying to reconcile his campaign rhetoric with his 17-year record in the State’s General Assembly. Making sweeping statements and promises that were wholly inconsistent with his past actions, Caprio faced criticism from his rival candidates and had difficulty answering basic questions from WPRI reporter Tim White.

FRANK CAPRIO: “You don’t need to raise taxes. People are hurting today. People don’t have the extra money to buy their milk, their groceries, their prescription drugs and their clothing.” (WPRI debate, 10/6/10, www.wpri.com)
FACT: Caprio voted to increase income taxes, corporate taxes, sales taxes, utility taxes, gasoline taxes, and cigarette taxes. He even sponsored legislation to create a commuter tax and a tax on water. (House Journal 2/14/91, Projo 2/15/91, 6/16/91) (House Journal 2/14/91, Projo 2/15/91, 6/16/91) (House Journal 2/14/91, Projo 2/15/91, 6/16/91) (House Journal 91-7151) (98-s2608)
FRANK CAPRIO: “We need a plan that works for Rhode Island, eliminating those taxes that will keep people who create jobs and create wealth here in Rhode Island…Small businesses are being strangled by the taxation that’s hitting them.” (WPRI debate, 10/6/10, www.wpri.com)
FACT: Caprio voted for a 20% increase to the state income tax, and an 11% increase to corporate taxes. (House Journal 2/14/91, ProJo 2/15/91, 6/16/91, House Journal 2/14/91, ProJo 2/15/91, 6/16/91)
FRANK CAPRIO: “We have to put taxes in line with what’s going on around us, and have a plan to continue to reduce those taxes.” (WPRI debate, 10/6/10, www.wpri.com)
FACT: Caprio voted to keep the 7 percent sales tax rate, which was supposed to be temporary. (House Journal 2/14/91, ProJo 2/15/91, 6/16/91)
FRANK CAPRIO: “If you want to hold the line on spending and get this economy moving, vote for Frank Caprio.” (WPRI debate, 10/6/10, www.wpri.com)
FACT: Caprio has been a Rhode Island career politician for almost two decades and consistently voted to increase state spending from $1.5 billion in 1991 to almost $6.6 billion in 2006 – a 340% increase.

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10 years ago

Telling that the date on every one of those FACTs is 1991? Nineteen years ago?
Isn’t it reasonable to say that economic context was a little bit different?
And that Frank’s views could have evolved to be more fiscally conservative over the last two decades?

10 years ago

Just in case you’re wondering about inflation:
$1.5B in 1991 was $2.2B in 2006.
$6.6B is an even 300% of $1.5B when adjusted for inflation.
Did state government really TRIPLE in size since I was learning how to ride a bike? Ouch!
Here’s my other question:
Has the effective tax level also tripled, or has the growth all been built on federal subsidies financed on printed and borrowed money?

10 years ago

i would say shame on monique.. but she is still stuck in r=good d =bad with no grey. Its sad because that other blog has become just that a total shill for progresives and it seems we jhave become a mindless shill for the rigop… thats ok but thats why the bulk of ri tunes us out .. we have become as bad as them … shame on u monique

10 years ago

i didnt think pointing out that the rigop (my party bye the way) is pointing out a 20yea old vote in the middle of the banking crisis was really neccsary..Monique do u really belive this drivle .. i thought u were just spotuing it for fun …if u really belive it thats funny.. when in an earlyer post i pointed out that six years ago caprio stood up and fought his ouw leadership on the budget and seperataion of powers . only to get fired from finance ch.. YOu said nothing. look it up 2006 ed fitzpatrick did a couple of stories about it .. oh and btw our brave R sat bye and watched . please drop the R =good D bad sillyness there are some d’s that desvere our support more than members of our own party.

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