A “Rescuing” Milestone

If you visit Rescuing Providence even on a semi-regular basis, you witness, through Michael’s eyes, more than

what happens inside an advanced life support vehicle in Providence, RI

including, though not limited to, a great many examples of what happens when you cross human nature with a public service that is “free”.
To Michael Morse (and his hippopotami), congratulations.

I started Rescuing Providence, the blog about four years ago. It’s a great place for me to leave it all on the table, so to speak. Little did I know that by leaving it all on the table, a lot of people would find it, and see it for more than just a bunch of crumbs left by a burned out medic.
This place has taken a few different turns, different looks and different perspectives over the years. I am graced with people from all over the country, and world who visit and leave a comment now and then. The comments give me the energy to keep writing, sometimes they are the only thing that keeps me going.
I’ve been keeping count. 500,000 hits sometime this morning.
Thank you.

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10 years ago

I heard that is a great blog, well worth the visit.
Thanks, Monique.

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