Another Potential State Representative, on the Chafee Promise on Behalf of the General Assembly that They Will Pass His Sales Tax Increase

In response to the public assurance that was put forth by independent candidate Lincoln Chafee during Friday night’s WJAR-TV (NBC 10) Gubernatorial debate, that the state legislature will go along with his proposal to extend the Rhode Island sales tax to items currently not taxed…

If the governor is leading the way on a tax increase…the General Assembly is going to go along. That’s the governor’s leadership. That’s his plan and they can go along with it. That’s going to happen.
…District 31 candidate for State Representative Doreen Costa (North Kingstown/Exeter) offers this reply…
This is crazy! What is he thinking? I would never support this in a million years. The hardworking people of this state need a break not a tax hike.
How would Mr. Chafee know the General Assembly would be going along with this? It’s easy. He doesn’t.

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Damien Baldino
10 years ago

Lincoln Chafee shouldn’t rely on my support. If I’m elected on Tuesday, I will definitely vote against his plan to increase taxes.

Chafee is just being honest
Chafee is just being honest
10 years ago

Mr. Baldino,
Mr. Chafee is just being honest about what needs to happen to fix this mess. The next governor cannot cut over 300 million dollars from the budget. Yes, more can be cut from the budget, but a deficit of this magnitude will require cuts AND some sort of a tax increase. I would rather a 1% increase on the sales tax to currently exempt items than an increase to the income tax. If you are telling the voters that no tax increase is necessary then you are being dishonest and you need to withdraw from the election.

10 years ago

Hey “Chafee is…”
Today is Sunday. Are you getting time-and-a-half for those posts?

10 years ago

Mr. is just being honest,
State and local government expenditures in Rhode Island, after adjustment for inflation, have grown by about 25% over the past decade. To say that with new taxes, this trend can continue forever is the position that is dishonest.
(Incidentally, Lincoln Chafee was offered the same opportunity to answer a question on this subject that both Ken Block and John Robitaille accepted. The Chafee campaign declined the offer).
And that doesn’t even touch on the problem of suggesting that if you don’t agree with a particular executive branch candidate, you shouldn’t even consider running for legislative office…

10 years ago

It’s either dishonesty, or stupidity and neither do a good leader make.
If Chafee sincerely believes these taxes will help the RI economy, he’s even stupider than I thought.
Nothing is clearer in this state than the fact that the GA will spend every penny it gets AND MORE. What some are calling “oh, it’s just a penny on a dollar” are totally blind to the modus operandi of the liberal-progressive fools, like Chafee, who have ruined this state…i.e; spend more than you have, so you have an excuse to go take some more from the people.
He can’t even run a campaign without going back to his wife for more money. What makes anyone think he’ll do anything other than raise taxes.
Lincoln Chafee is a no good liar, because nobody can be THAT stupid!
What is a real shame is that he is going to win by a comfortable margin on Tuesday. I predict it’s over before 10 PM.

10 years ago

Yes, Chafee will win tomorrow….the election, but little more. The Dems are going to broil him alive. If he thought he had fun as a US Senator, the GA will eat him up and pick his bones. The real Anger in RI begins Wednesday morning, after the election that nobody wants (unless you are a Dem and a Union tool).
This really could not work out any better.
The State will go down in flames and this will not end well.

Cliff Yeh
Cliff Yeh
9 years ago

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