2010 Election Night 10:00 Ticker

[10:31] With all precincts reporting in John Loughlin’s former district (House 71) R-Dan Gordon is ahead ofhis D-challenger by 4 votes. Definitely will have to count absentee ballots, to make this official.
[10:26] With all precincts reporting from House 25, R-Giovanni Calise is behind D-Jared Nunes by less than 80 votes. Probably will have to count absentee ballots, to make this official.
[10:23] Welcome back to RI Politics R-Patricia Morgan? She’s leading D-Michael Senerchia in House 26 (West Warwick based) with 5 of 6 precincts in, 53-47.
[10:19] R-Sean Gately, trailing incumbent D-Bea Lanzi 51-49 with 11 of 14 precincts in, District 26 (Cranston)
[10:13] D-Peter Palumbo leading R-Donald Botts, 54-46, with 8 of 9 precincts in from House District 16 (Cranston).
[10:10] R-Doreen Costa leading incumbent D-Kenneth Carter in House 31 (North Kingston et al), 54-46, 5 of 6 precincts in.
[10:08] Spencer “I’ll take the union orders that Michael Rice wouldn’t” leading Jim Haldeman in House 35 (South Kingstown), 50.8-49.2, 4 of 5 precincts in.
[10:06] Frank Ciccone is ahead of Catherine Graziano 60-40 in Senate 7 (Prov/N Prov), with half of the precincts in. Based on past results where the results were close, this is a bad sign for Republicans.
[10:02] R-Beth Moura ahead of D- Ryan Pearson 51-49, with 8 of 18 precincts reporting from Senate 19 (Cumberland, Screamin’ Dan Connors’ old seat)

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