2010 Election Night 11:00 Ticker

[11:24] With mail ballots counted, R-Dan Gordon now has a 49-vote lead in House 71.
[11:21] Incumbent D-Joy Hearn wins by just 4 votes over R-Margaret Kane in House 66 (Barrington/East Providence).
[11:08] R-Mike Chippendale beats D-Scott Pollard in North Westconnaug (District 40), 55-45, avenging the defeat of Nick Gorham two years ago.
[11:03] In House District 29, D-Lisa Tomasso is leading R-Greg Coutcher by just 10 votes (apparently, mail ballots have already been counted).

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13 years ago

On a local note…
Joe Larisa and Anthony Carcieri of East Providence both got creamed. Almost 2 to 1.
So much for beating back the unions!

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