Golden Geese, Living and Dead

A quick Google search of his name suggests that he might, but I wonder how many people who agree with Shane Gaudet’s view on taxing nonprofits would apply that argument to such things as corporate and income taxes for high-income Rhode Islanders:

The nine nonprofits listed in the story employ more than 20,000 people. Jobs are good, are they not? And consider the number of students who live in, or commute to, the city to attend the four private colleges, and what their presence means for business. Did the officials “factor” this in their study?
If these colleges decided to pack up and move to another city (it can be done) where would that leave Providence? I think Rhode Island’s capital would be more like Detroit than a flourishing city.

The Providence Journal titled Gaudet’s letter, “Golden-goose squeeze.” Well, a thriving state should have multiple such geese, and Rhode Island has been squeezing them all for far too long. Gaudet urges city officials to concentrate on “ways they can cut spending” (emphasis in original). Would that more voters shared his preference.

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