Speaker-elect Boehner Helps the Ladies

From Andrew Malcolm:

For some reason it took a male Speaker of the House to accomplish this:
The nearly six dozen female members of the incoming House of Representatives will have a new restroom just as close to the chamber’s floor as their male colleagues. A sometimes significant comfort, given legislators’ propensity to blather….Until now female members have had to traipse much farther than male colleagues to find restroom facilities, even during these past four years of leadership under the country’s first female speaker.

Methinks part of Boehner’s sensitivity to this is that he’s married with two daughters.

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12 years ago

Wait, whaa-aa-aat? A Republican thoughtfully providing mod cons for women??
That can’t be right. Republican men are uniformly sexist and insensitive …

12 years ago

He’s so F@#king gallant!

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