Bills Introduced to the Rhode Island House (Corporations Committee), February 8-10

Significant Rewrites with Statewide Impact

H5275Requires that health insurance cover autism spectrum disorders.
H5276Charges the RI Health Commissioner with using his powers to promote “patient centered medical homes”.
H5279Authorizes a corporate entity called a “low-profit limited liability company”.
H5305Establishes various administrative procedures regarding health-care provider contracts and rate negotiations.

Targeted Changes with Statewide Impact

H5274Aggregate rate increases by any utility over a 24-month period cannot exceed 2.5%. (California-style energy crises, here we come!)
H5278Adds shared living programs to the list of programs covered by the “Long-Term Care Ombudsperson Act of 1995”.
H5304Authorizes the state insurance commissioner to act as an ombudsman for ERISA claims. (What’s an ERISA claim you ask? A bit of introductory background is available, here).
H5306“Pharmacies are prohibited from charging uninsured customers of prescription drugs a price of more than twenty percent (20%) beyond the average price for that prescription drug which has been negotiated with all medical insurance companies”.

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