Bills Introduced to the Rhode Island Senate (Education Committee, Special Legislation Committee and Housing and Muncipal Government Committee), February 8-10

Targeted Changes with Statewide Impact (Education Committee)

S0181The appointment of the State Education Commissioner by the Board of regents would require Senate confirmation.
S0182School districts could count time-in-school in hours, instead of days, and thereby a longer school day to meet minimum requirements.
S0183The state will pay 100% of costs for students attending vocational schools operated by “a state municipality”. Companion to H5058

Significant Rewrites with Statewide Impact (Special Legislation Committee)

S0254Authorizes a special Knights of Columbus Choose Life license plate.
S0255Modifies certain Alcohol Server Training requirements.
S0256Total prohibition on “alcohol energy drinks” in Rhode Island

Targeted Changes with Statewide Impact (Special Legislation Committee)

S0253Reduces the registration fee for vehicles weighing between 4000 and 5000 pounds to $30 (the same as the fee for vehicles under 4000 pounds).

Targeted Changes with Statewide Impact (Housing and Municipal Government Committee)

S0206From the official description: This act would authorize and direct the state building code standards committee to update the state building code so as to be consistent with the revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Companion to H5284
S0207Repeals the requirement that municipalities and other state agencies report disability parking enforcement to the “the governor’s commission on disabilities”. Companion to H5300
S0208Extends “tolling” (“the suspension or temporary stopping of the running of the applicable permit or approval period”) from 2011 to 2013. (Paging someone knowledgeable about legal terminology, to help us with “tolling”.)

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