Charlie Hall on Bob Watson’s Triple “G” Non-Gaffe


Courtesy Oceanstate Follies.

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12 years ago

The spirit of what Watson said was not wrong, but there was no need to single out “Guatemalans”. What if he’d said “French” or “Irish” or “Australian”? Why not just say what he meant:
“If you’re a gay, gambling, pot-smoking illegal alien, you probably think we’re on to some pretty good ideas.”
There, same point, not offensive to any one nationality and you don’t have a specific consulate coming to visit you.
Yeah, political correctness has run amok, but for the position Bob is in, I think he could be a little more diplomatic with statements like that.

Contrarian View
Contrarian View
12 years ago

Let’s have the honesty to call this incident what it is: a clumsy, transparent attempt at political lynching by the Rhode Island Left.
Anyone who is “offended” by Rep. Watson’s remarks deserves to be offended, and should be left to stew in the bitter juices of his own victim mentality.
The inane comments from our little Leftist cell of terrorist wanna-bes will commence shortly.

12 years ago

Not to dignify the manufactured outrage coming from progressives and the illegal immigrant lobby, but the man did say “Guatemalan” and not “Guatemalan-American.” Meaning a citizen of another country. And his statement was properly phrased as a hypothetical, so it wasn’t meant to be inclusive or single anyone out.
He should have been more careful about his choice of words, only because of the types of people we’re dealing with here who are all too eager to create these kinds of distractions over semantics and political correctness nonsense to divert from the real issues.

12 years ago

Careless caucasian causes commotion crafting caustic comments at Chamber of Commerce confab.

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