Ken McKay Elected GOP Chair; Frias, Buongiovanni, Lund and Holmes Win the Other Leadership Positions

Will all-things-Republican Ricci has posted the official results from today’s RI GOP Statewide convention on his Facebook page

I’m back from the quickest and least contentious RI Republican Party Convention, I think ever. Congratulations to our all new party leadership team, led by our new RIGOP Chairman Ken McKay, 1st Vice-Chair Steve Frias, 2nd Vice-Chair Brian Buongiovanni, Secretary Ryan Lund, and Treasurer Barbara Holmes!
Chip Young of GoLocalProv notes that Patrick Sweeney voluntarily agreed to step aside in the Chairman’s race, allowing McKay to win the post uncontested.

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13 years ago

Ken McKay has the chance to be the most effective party head the Reps have ever had. His experience and outspoken media personna make him the perfect fit for the job. Someone like McKay has the ability to get someone like me (right leaning Independent) to help fund the cau$e.
Is Treasurer Barbara Holmes related to former chair John Holmes?? Hope not since John Holmes is a card carrying member of the Linc Chafee/Scott Avedisian double agent snake in the grass wing of the RI GOP, the wing that needs to be excised from the main party as soon as possible.

13 years ago

Thanks for the post, Andrew.
I think we were all encouraged by the general tenor of the convention. Now, let’s translate that into action.
To answer the Holmes question, Barbara Holmes is is no way whatsoever related to John Holmes. She’s a CPA and a minister, and very conservative. Let’s put it this way, Barbara is probably to the right of me!
PS And before anyone asks, Ken McKay is not related to RIRA President Ray McKay either!

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