Seventeen Sets of Bills Scheduled to be Heard by RI General Assembly Committees, April 12 – April 14, Numbers 6 through 10

10. H5529: Directs the Department of Children, Youth and Families to disclose findings of abuse at a “family day care home, group family day care home or day care center”, provided that no personal information is disclosed about anyone involved (House Judiciary, April 12).
9. H5498: Sets up the Obamacare “exchange” in Rhode Island (House Health, Education and Welfare, April 13).
8. S0438: Authorizes school districts to assess fees and accept donations for extracurricular activities (Senate Education, April 13).
7. S0547: Would restrict the applicability of the state fire code to structures that are “highly trafficked, populated or congested and present a clear public safety risk” (Senate Municipal Government, April 12).
6. H5712: Creates an “Interlocal Regional Services Commission” that can “operate and administer various municipal operations [that] may include, but shall not be limited to, tax collection or assessment activities, public works operations sewer and water treatment and distribution systems, police services, library services, and fire and rescue services” for combinations of 2 or more cities and towns whose city or town councils who authorize a “regional program or project” (House Municipal Government, April 14).

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