Five Other Sets of Bills Scheduled to be Heard by the RI General Assembly, June 7 – June 9

…and here’s a few more with impacts that are less-than-clear.
H5939/H6104/H6222: Lots of technical changes to regulations over “distributed generatation capacity and resources” of electric utilities. (House Environment and Natural Resources, June 7)
H6076/S0790: From the official description: “This act would transfer many of the powers, duties and responsibilities from the [and] change the state standards for apprenticeship programs to satisfy federal laws and regulations”. (Senate Labor, June 8)
H6142: From the official descritption: “This act would allow credit unions to purchase, sell, and pledge loans or groups of loans under certain circumstances and would provide for conflicts of interest provisions with respect to the foregoing”… (House Corporations, June 7)
S0288: Changes in payday loan regulations. (Senate Corporations, June 7)
S0629: “Any single family owner-occupied property which is encumbered by a covenant recorded in the land evidence records in favor of a governmental unit, the State of Rhode Island housing resource commission or Rhode Island housing and mortgage finance corporation restricting the sale price during the effective period of covenant (“affordability period”) shall be assessed by taking into account the effect of the covenant on the value of the property”. (Senate Finance, June 9)

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