B-Day Bombshell: Casino Article to be Introduced During the Wee Hours

With apologies to Andrew for breaking in here.
Just returned from the State House. The House had broken for dinner when I arrived shortly before 8 pm. So, in lieu of watching the budget action on the floor, I had the pleasure of conversing at length with a gaggle of good government types – with good government reps stopping by our group to share battle stories and the latest they had heard about the budget.
A couple of people confirmed that leadership plans to trot out a budget amendment late in tonight’s session that would put a casino on the ballot. Not a casino at Twin River, as has been discussed. A casino in Providence on some of the former Route 195 land. [This was wrong; see correction below.]
One of the many unknowns is whether the land would be turned over to the Narragansett for them to operate the casino. This would present a revenue complication for the state because apparently federal law dictates that 60% of the revenue generated by casinos operated by native Americans must go to them. The state is well accustomed to receiving 60%+ of the take at Twin River and Newport Grand.
Stay tuned. If this turns out not to be a crazy rumor, it might explain why there has been a Napoleonic grab on Smith Hill for these twenty acres.
It was a semi-crazy rumor. Casino, yes. Route 195 land, no. See Andrew’s post above – it’s a gift to Twin River, with compensation to Newport Grand.

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11 years ago

I am standing by, in the Anchor Rising legislative monitoring command center…

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