“Rhode Island’s Rising Pension Tide” Video

The Providence Republican City Committee has posted the complete video of Gary Morse’s presentation on “Rhode Island’s Rising Pension Tide” on their YouTube channel. You can view the first part by clicking below:

Since Roland Lavallee, who made the official recording for the Providence Republicans, got much better sound quality than I did, I will repost my list of some of the interesting and informative highlights, with links cued to take you right to the video of the subjects described…

1. The meaning of “the discount rate” and its value.Video
&nbsp&nbsp The troubles with the discount rate, including spiking.Video
&nbsp&nbsp How much does spiking cost the taxpayers?
2. The changes to pension law and pension practice that occurred in 1991 and 2006.
3. How what has happened in a place called Prichard, Alabama could impact Chapter 9 bankruptcy proceedings in a place called Central Falls, Rhode Island.
Video (1); Video (2)
4. Some suggested reading, if you’re interested in how the courts might decide the pending Council 94 lawsuit.
5. The role that debt played in the Suez crisis of 1956, and its parallels to today.
6. A not-very-rosy prediction for everyone’s future.Video

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