Accountability Matters

Ted Nesi of WPRI-TV (CBS 12) has the scoop on the Rhode Island Speaker of the House’s position on binding arbitration…

House Speaker Gordon Fox says the outpouring of opposition to binding arbitration last month was even louder than to Governor Chafee’s sales tax plan – and makes it highly unlikely the issue will come up again during this fall’s special legislative session.
The speaker’s office received about 2,200 emails opposing the binding arbitration bill in June and was lobbied to block the bill by mayors and town councils from across Rhode Island, Fox said Friday during a taping of WPRI 12′s “Newsmakers.”
Outcomes are different, when government officials are accountable to the people — and when they take their opportunities to get involved with the process.
Ian Donnis of WRNI (1290 AM) has an interview with Gordon Fox, where the Speaker discusses his position on binding arbitration in principle, as well as with regards to the General Assembly session scheduled for the fall.

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11 years ago

The real trick is getting those 2200 to work together to replace the Tassoni, the Diaz, the Handy types. Get rid of their types and the state will have a shot.
Giving Chafee veto power doesn’t do much at this time, but the 2012 election should focus on working toward that so hopefully Chafee is replaced in 2014 and the new Governor will have a little more power over legislation.

11 years ago

Tassoni told me personally that this is his last term – Thankfully!

Max Diesel
Max Diesel
11 years ago

“Tassoni told me personally that this is his last term – Thankfully!”
I’m not doubting you but I’ll believe it when I see it. He loves the power and the limelight. Last election he was mulling a run at Lt. Governor. His political goomba act (no offense to Italo-Americans) is getting old.

11 years ago

Max – I hear you – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he follows through…It’s very frustrating to have a Senator that does not represent the will of the people because he’s more concerned with the will of special interests who line his campaign coffers.

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