Disabled (Ha!) Weightlifter: The Prov Ret Bd Did Not Close the File. Why Did the AG Close the Case?

Following upon WPRI/Tim White’s excellent expose, Providence had ordered that purportedly disabled weightlifting retired “firefighter” John Sauro be examined by a doctor. On Thursday, the Providence Journal reported the results.

Former firefighter John Sauro remains permanently and totally disabled from doing his job in the Fire Department, an orthopedic surgeon has concluded after a special examination.

Attorney General Kilmartin then proceeded to break a land speed record for dropping a criminal probe.
Only problem is, the Providence Retirement Board is not finished with John Sauro, which anyone who read past the FIRST PARAGRAPH of the ProJo article would have learned; to wit:

But the surgeon recommended additional tests to confirm his finding.
The report by Dr. Anthony DeLuise Jr. was submitted Wednesday to the city Retirement Board, which voted to have the additional tests done.

I’m still as mystified as John Depetro and others as to why the doctor issued a determination without doing these tests. In any event, it remains to be seen whether Mr. Sauro refuses these new tests and if that matter then goes to litigation. Certainly, the basis upon which the doctor drew his initial conclusion

an examination of Sauro, a viewing of the video and an analysis of the medical records that were compiled before Sauro was pensioned off

is a disability faker’s dream. Accordingly, the thwarting of any attempt by the city to ascertain the man’s current physical condition (’cause the human body doesn’t heal, does it …?) becomes Mission Critical to preserving that $5,500 (including health care) monthly kiss in the mail.
In any case, it’s clear from the article that the matter is still in the hands of the Providence Retirement Board – not too much pressure here, fellas! – and not the doctor. (Does anyone know, by the way, if the City Council or the Mayor can override the Retirement Board in the event they do something ill-considered?)
So now what happens on the law-and-order front if the tests go forward and the MRI is not helpful to Mr. Sauro? Can the AG re-open the criminal probe? Or has he, with his quick-on-the-draw dropping of the matter, innoculated against any further criminal liability a man who is effectively a welfare chisler?

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12 years ago

After sharing the initial story, I told my non-RI friends that absolutely nothing would come of this. They told me, “No, the guy was caught red-handed on camera, his disability will be revoked. Probably criminal charges.” I told them that they didn’t understand – this is corrupt RI, the guy is an untouchable career firefighter – absolutely nothing will happen. There is no satisfaction in being correct in this case.
Know what these “examinations” consist of?
Doctor: Do you feel like you can return to work?
Patient: No, I’m in too much pain.
Doctor: *checks box*

12 years ago

Any person in any occupation can and will fake a disability. They actually had to close the comments section on this story at the Projo. John Depetro, I would imagine, had a lot to do with that. Really, Monique, you don’t need him, he’s poison, and dead weight. You have a lot to offer, but when I see something associated with him, I automatically get defensive, even over the indefensible.

12 years ago

“Any person in any occupation can and will fake a disability.”
True, but some occupations and professional organizations offer a much greater opportunity to do so than others. Just because a problem is universal doesn’t mean the magnitude of the problem is universal. 58% of all Providence Fire Department pensions are disability pensions, to pick one example at random.

Tommy Cranston
Tommy Cranston
12 years ago

“Poison. Dead Weight”
Sounds like every FF union in the state.
For the public union predators the chickens are coming home to roost-and NOT just in CF. Google Pritchard Alabama for a taste of the future.

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